Benefits of MTTC SMART WEB

Increased customer loyalty

Customers enjoy easy access any time to instant online help, live chat support and advanced repair solutions. Sites help them avoid sending devices for repairs when brief advice can solve problems.

Reduced overall costs

Frontend solutions leverage our experience and know-how to deliver customer care faster and at lower cost, also transforming fixed headcount costs into variable service fees. ERP integration simplifies order management and exchange of information. Early diagnostics help reduce unnecessary returns. 

Better cost and process control

Total cost clarity up front. Standardisation of activities across Europe. Multi-channel real-time tracking. Easy ERP integration.

Easier entry to new markets

You can offer after-sales service anywhere in Europe with no need for local infrastructure, thus reducing the risk and cost of expansion.

Social responsibility

Device repairs and refurbishment reduce waste. Disposal methods minimize any environmental impact. Efficiencies of consolidation reduce carbon emissions. (ISO 14001)