Value Recovery Solutions

Unlock the value and opportunities of device refurbishment

Introducing our innovative value recovery solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearables, where we breathe new life into pre-owned devices through meticulous restoration processes. Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of these devices, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards.

By extending the lifespan of preowned devices, we contribute to a more sustainable future. Our renewal program provides an eco-friendly alternative to constant device upgrades, reducing electronic waste and conserving valuable resources. Embracing preowned devices not only saves you money but also allows you to actively participate in the circular economy.

When you choose our preowned device renewal program, you’re making an environmentally responsible choice without compromising on quality or performance. Experience the transformative power of our expert renewal process and discover a world of affordable, sustainable, and cutting-edge mobile technology. Join us in embracing preowned devices and unlock a new level of value and satisfaction.

Benefits of MTTC value recovery solutions


We carefully select the appropriate components and tools to ensure optimal cost efficiency.


While grading and selecting the right combination for value recovery services, we help our customers maximizing value of renewed devices. In some cases, grade can be lifted just while polishing the screen of device.


When smartphones reach a point where repair is not feasible, we leverage a strategic approach to maximize cost savings. Instead of discarding these devices, we carefully extract and sell functional parts to different purchasers in the market.

By renewing preowned devices we reduce electronics waste and build sustainable futureĀ 

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