MTTC is a Smart-device Trade-In Partner for Your Business

Bringing additional value for MTTC customers by trade-in of smart-devices in bulk

Welcome to our trade-in and buyback program! At our establishment, we have a comprehensive trade-in program designed to provide a hassle-free experience for our valued customers. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we accept a wide range of devices for evaluation and quoting. If you’re a corporate entity, we are particularly interested in purchasing used corporate phones from businesses, ensuring a seamless transition and a fair value for your devices. In addition, we actively participate in auctions run by manufacturers as well as companies renting out devices, allowing us to acquire quality products directly from the source.
Our purchasing capabilities extend to both small devices, such as wearables, phones, iPads, wristbands, and earphones, as well as larger smart electronic devices like consoles, TVs, and laptops. Rest assured, our dedicated team is here to assess the value of your items within  the same day and offer competitive prices, making it easier than ever to upgrade or trade-in your electronics.

Maximizing the value of preowned devices


Maximize the value of your preowned devices through our bulk purchase program, where MTTC is offering competitive prices and seamless transactions for telecom companies, auctions, and existing customers seeking to trade in their smart devices.


Unlock the full value of your preowned devices with our A-E grade trade-in program, providing fair assessments and competitive offers based on device condition. Whether it's a pristine A-grade device or non-functional E-grade device, we ensure you receive the best value for your trade-in, regardless of its condition.


Our trade-in program is equipped with the capacity to efficiently screen and process a high quantity of devices, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience for our customers. With our advanced screening technology and efficient processing systems, we can handle large volumes of devices with ease, saving you time and effort in the trade-in process.


If you are interested in buying preowned devices for distribution in certain region, your retail chain sales or buying in bulk, please contact our valued partner Buzz Box Mobile with your inquiries.

Buzz Box Mobile has extensive experience in the field of preowned devices processing and distribution and is offering stock of refurbished devices of various grades and conditions.

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